Beating the Midas Curse


Only 1 out of 10 families successfully pass their unity and prosperity from one generation to the next. For as long as historical records have been kept, the three-generation cycle of boom to bust has been the painful reality for nine out of ten families. Two thousand years ago in China the saying was ‘wealth never survives three generations.’ A century ago in Brazil it was ‘from the stables to the stars to the stables’ in three generations. Many cultures, one sad tradition of loss and failure.

Watching your family’s material assets fade away is bad enough; even worse is witnessing the damage done to individual family member achievement and family unity, in large part because traditional inheritance planning fails to address the Midas Curse.

The Midas Curse can be beaten

One of the lessons that Cochell and Zeeb took away from their research for Beating the Midas Curse was this: planning for the future of your family is not the same as planning for the future of your money. With that truth firmly in mind, the authors asked the next–and perhaps the most important– question in their search for ways to help families overcome the Midas Curse and experience unity and prosperity generation after generation. 

If 90% of all families experience a loss of unity and prosperity across three generations, what do the 10% of families who do not fall prey to the Midas Curse do differently?  What habits, traditions, practices and lessons do the successful 10% not only follow, but also and work intentionally to pass from one generation to the next?

The search for those answers have driven the authors’ work (both individually and together) for over two decades.  This Field Guide is an outgrowth of that study.  It provides you with the opportunity to begin to discover, reflect upon, articulate and share with your family today, and for generations to come,  what we know to be the most important foundational pieces for planning that will strengthen your family right now, and help it to stay that way generation after generation.

And, as with all great journeys, this one begins with a simple, yet profound question:

What Matters?

Perry Cochell and Rod Zeeb knew why so many families were failing. For them, the more important question was: what were the 10% of families who continue to thrive and prosper generation after generation doing differently?

Beating the Midas Curse is the product of decades of research and practical experience with hundreds of families at all income levels, from average income earners to billionaires. It details the practical, proven methods identified by Cochell and Zeeb that have been used for centuries by the ‘successful 10%’ to beat the Midas Curse. Start with the information in this book, and then begin your family’s own multi-generational journey to greater unity, strength and prosperity–right now.

The Field Guide

Softcover 265 pages

Softcover 128 pages

Rod Zeeb  & Perry L. Cochell

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